Variety of Materials

There are a wide variety of materials used in the injection moulding process, all serving different purposes.

The selected material will depend on the product and its use. At Synergy, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in moulding many different polymers and can guide you to choose the most suitable material for your product. The versatility of plastic means that it can be used for a variety of purposes and hold many different characteristics depending on the chosen grade.

We have the ability to source any chosen material with our approved suppliers, and can specify tested and approved grades such as FDA food grade approved, FR Flame retardant etc.

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Here are some of the materials which we mould and their specific characteristics, although, this list is not exhaustive.


High performance grade where surface quality and colourfastness are crucial. Excellent dimensional stability and low creep.

Acetal (POM)

Strong and rigid with excellent moisture and wear resistance


Weather resistant and ideal for outdoor applications


Higher molecular weight grades, easy to process and tend to have stiffer flow properties


High impact strength and dimensional stability offering a glossy finish

Nylon 6 and 66

High level of mechanical strength and wear resistance

Polycarbonate (PC)

High Impact Strength, transparency and durability


Easy to process, excellent impact and heat resistance and good aesthetics

Polypropylene (PPC)

Durable, chemically resistant and easy to process


Flexible and tough with excellent impact resistance

Material Drying Icon

Synergy has a number of dryers on site to remove moisture from specific materials.

Materials such as ABS, ASA, PC and Nylon all need to be dried prior to moulding as they have hygroscopic properties and retain moisture from the air.
Drying the granules prior to moulding allows the material to meet its full aesthetic potential and surface finish and makes it easier to mould reducing scrap due to surface defects.

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Protecting our environment

Plastic can often offer a re-usable and durable solution, minimising single use items and their detrimental impacts on the environment.

We value our environment by ensuring that our plastic waste and scrap is recycled where possible and is entered back into the production loop.

This is becoming increasingly important to our customer base. We produce, where possible, a number of products for varying industries in reprocessed materials, utilising post-consumer waste to provide eco-friendly solutions for our customers.