At Synergy Plastics we produce a vast variety of products throughout a diverse range of sectors.

Agriculture Icon

Injection moulding capability to produce small and medium sized mouldings for equestrian and farming purposes through to large flooring slats for the agricultural Industry.

Housing & Construction Icon

With capabilities up to 1300t, there are vast range of products we manufacture for this industry.

Housewares Icon

Our automation of processes enhances our ability to handle medium to high volume required for the housewares sector.

Wastemanagement icon

We offer a range of waste and recycling solutions from kitchen to curb side covering a range of industries from housewares through to medical.

Horticulture icon

We produce a range of products for the horticultural industry in a variety of materials from LLDPE to ABS/Nylon. We offer assembly of products as part of our service to provide the customer with the complete package.

Medical icon

With capability from 85t through to 1300t we are able to keep up with the varying demands for the medical industry from small sub components through to high specification sharp safe bins.

Furniture icon

Plastic is an alternative solution for the furniture industry especially within educational and workplace settings.

Drainage icon

By using a range of materials depending on the intended purpose of the product, plastic injection moulding serves as a preferred manufacturing route for the drainage industry.

leisure icon

We offer full assembly packages if required by our customers in order for our customers in the leisure industry to have a one-stop shop receiving their sub-assemblies ready for installation.

packaging and storage icon

We have the knowledge and expertise to mould a range of storage solutions to satisfy household storage through to medical storage.

flooring icon

The durability of plastics provides an opportunity to be used as a suitable flooring option as festival flooring or outside in garages and sheds.

food storage icon

We mould a variety of products in FDA approved materials to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

Retail icon

Our automation and automatic labelling allow us to meet the demands on mid to high volume production. With our warehousing and distribution experience, we can deliver directly to the retailer on behalf of our customers.

white goods icon

Vast experience in moulding white goods for many industries including hospitality with the expertise to perform testing as required on site.

lighting icon

Our ability to manufacture high quality mouldings in an array of materials lends itself to the demands and specifications of our customers in the lighting industry.

electrical icon

We assist in manufacturing vital parts for the electronics industry including parts which are assembled into temperature control technology.